Father's Day is a'coming!

Let your Pop know how much he means to you. I am not sure if "Daddy's Girl" is wholly the right term for me, but I certainly think I have some "Daddy's Girl" tendencies. Every time I see a bit of my father in me - my determined side, my creative side, my quiet side - I smile. Every time I see my car covered in lovebugs (aka now) I think of him...reminding me to wash it... :D I've got a couple of Father's Day cards up in my shop (Pen and Paperie), with more to come! What do you think of these?



After reading the very cool article from NPR about the bees who make the wonderful magical little nests to house single eggs (see my post "Bee Flower Architecture" below)...I've decided to try (TRY being the key word) to give bees the benefit of the doubt. So I got a little up close and personal with my camera and watched them drinking up the sugary yumminess of these sweet flowers. Until one buzzed a little too close to my ear and sent me scampering off...

Summer Colors

My parents' wonderful yard. I love wandering through with my camera when I visit.

Southern Comfort

Smell the Jasmine (these little tiny buds with a sweet mild perfume, which no one can remember the exact name of...)... ...and Magnolia (just about ready to bloom)......and these pretty Bay Rum buds... ...oh and the pretty green of banana leaves in there too! I love summer.


Bee Flower Architecture

Check this out: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126556246 Aren't they gorgeous? I have an irrational though, I feel, justified fear of bees. They sting me for no apparent reason. People tell me if I leave them along, they'll leave me alone but I do not find this to be the case. They'd lead much happier and longer lives if they left me alone, as, though I've never seen one drop to the ground immediately post-attack, they do die after they sting right? However, these guys seem pretty cool. Check out the nests. Insect architecture... I love these - I wonder if I could make something like this and make some sort of delicate mobile? Hmmm...