Another Chilly Day at the Beach!

Why do I keep gravitating towards the Gulf when it's so COLD out? By the time I walked to the end of the beach and back I couldn't feel my feet. I suppose I could've worn shoes, but that somehow did not occur to me... ...and by "COLD" I mean...45 degrees-ish...

Late Night Snacks

Whilst snacking in bed, I discovered I have an edamame-colored quilt!


Late Nights and Beheaded Cauliflower

Most of my waking hours lately have been spent at the dreaded office…dreaded…but I am grateful to be working so…no further complaint there… Alas, I have not seen daylight hours in so long though so I’ve been playing with my camera inside in the evenings…mostly taking snaps of my food.-Gorgeous-orange sweet potato oven fries.-Drop biscuits, as all I had in my house that day were basic staples - little box of Parmalat, oil, flour, and thankfully baking powder at least. I’ve since been grocery shopping…-Sautéing pearl onions. I got so wrapped up in taking photos and playing with the settings on my camera that I actually burned the onions in my neglect of them.-Cauliflower soup (a new favorite thanks to my fancy new immersion blender, gift from my aunt and uncle!)-and my favorite…the beheaded cauliflower. Hahaha.


A Drop of Sunshine

My breakfast. Sunny sunny oranges that I enjoyed this morning on my balcony (the best part of my apartment) in the windy 55 degree weather. I love Florida.

For all of you buried in the snow right now – I hope you are safe and warm and cozied-up for the duration! Stay safe.