A Most Amazing Tree

A most amazing tree, I visited with a most amazing person.

I can’t tell you what a wonderful day it was.



And a tree that could house a whole city of fairies. And they could dance in the sun and the shadows.

Urban tree fairies…hmmm…I like that. There may be a story there.


Who lives in these windows?

I think there are stories behind everything and especially behind every window. Who do you think lives behind these windows? http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42814273


More Silly Cards!

One more silly card on my Etsy shop (www.penandpaperie.etsy.com) ...I actually got a great photo of my little cousin in this quintessential boy-enjoying-summer vacation pose - my inspiration. Except it was at Thanksgiving, not summer... But this card makes me feel summery!! :D


Silly Birthday Cards!

I've been making birthday cards for my wee family members and having so much fun. Of course, I make them for everyone else to send out to them and then I don't send any out FROM me...that busy-busy-busy of the holiday season never seemed to subside... But alas, here is one of my favorites I just posted on my Etsy shop (www.penandpaperie.etsy.com):What do you think?