Late Nights and Beheaded Cauliflower

Most of my waking hours lately have been spent at the dreaded office…dreaded…but I am grateful to be working so…no further complaint there… Alas, I have not seen daylight hours in so long though so I’ve been playing with my camera inside in the evenings…mostly taking snaps of my food.-Gorgeous-orange sweet potato oven fries.-Drop biscuits, as all I had in my house that day were basic staples - little box of Parmalat, oil, flour, and thankfully baking powder at least. I’ve since been grocery shopping…-Sautéing pearl onions. I got so wrapped up in taking photos and playing with the settings on my camera that I actually burned the onions in my neglect of them.-Cauliflower soup (a new favorite thanks to my fancy new immersion blender, gift from my aunt and uncle!)-and my favorite…the beheaded cauliflower. Hahaha.


  1. First, I love your flowery plate.

    Second--is that "beheaded" part of the cauliflower edible? Or just the florets?


  2. I don't think it's edible, but I bet it would be a good addition to veggie stock!

    Haha - even if I have other clean plates I'll wash that one to use it because it's cheery. :)