Holidays are Coming!!

I think my Holiday Craziness started early this year, way back in early September. But I’ve been able to sneak a couple hours in between my crazy-day-job to work on my artsy-job (Pen&Paperie), finally! I’ve had a hectic couple of months, though I’ve just logged my last hours for my architectural license! Woohoo. (Now…on to those exams…)

With ambitions of putting out two calendars this year, I am…half-way there. I’ve got one done! Check out my little 2011 Garden Calendar on Etsy. I’ve made the pictures tear-off note/post cards so you can use them when the month is done.

And, hey, I think some of these can count towards my 1,000,000 Leaves project too…double-duty crafts! How efficient.

Next up: zodiac calendar and Christmas cards!

Have your holiday crazies started yet??

1 comment:

  1. The calendar looks great!

    (I am eagerly awaiting Christmas cards, hint hint. :) )