Christmas Tidings

Wow! We're already upon the next holiday it seems. Christmas is right around the corner. (And I've finished my present shopping!) (I have yet to finish my cards though, which I started nice and early and then...hit the pause button. I have decided to write them after Christmas day [still during the 12 days of Christmas] when I am on vacation and embracing lazy mornings. For someone who makes cards as a business I am setting a terrible example...) I try to celebrate the season by giving where I can - donating the extra bit when I buy my groceries (or tonight it was six-pack, I'll admit) at Publix; Christmas shopping from the Greater Good site; donating a book through Anthropologie (and resisting the pretty pretty shoes calling my name); and giving to St Jude...and of course the Salvation Army Santas! I sound like some sort of commercial for these places, but my point is...there are so many ways to help someone less fortunate. In my quiet little life I feel quite fortunate. It's only little bits here and there, but I figure, every little bit counts, right? I hope you and yours have a joyful, beautiful, safe and warm Christmas and New Year! Here's to a lovely 2011!

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