Dancing for Socrates

Characters are key to a good story.

And when one shows up unexpectedly, sitting in the corner, watching…it adds a little magic to the evening.

I went to my ballet class last night, brought a book (study, study, study) as I can’t NOT show up too early for some reason (bet my boss would appreciate if the same applied to my 8 AM work morning), rolled my ankles around and stretched a bit, and caught a glimpse of an old gentleman sitting in the studio watching the class before mine. He looked like he belonged – comfortably occupying the corner of a pew that appeared in the studio a month or so ago (a prop for one of the upcoming performances I suppose). When my instructor came out at the end of the class I inquired. “That’s Socrates. He’s been watching classes all day.”

I’d figured it was a student’s grandfather. Socrates? Socrates. In the flesh.

My instructor later elaborated – apparently he’d been in the heart of theater and dance scene in his heyday – in NYC of course. He loves ballet and wanted to watch. I don’t know more than that.

I know – it sounds like it could have a real creepster component. But…really not at all.

Socrates, I’m glad to have danced for you.

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  1. Absolutely no one with the name of Socrates could possibly be creepy :) Hope you had a great class. I did ballet as a child for about 6 years; completely managed to wreck my toes. My parents made me quit; they were scared I loved it too much; they were immigrants and wanted to ensure I would get a government job with a pension lol.

    p.s. I do not work a government job...and I don't have a pension!