What does your nest look like?

[I posted about this article when it first came out, but my students were discussing that *big* question...what is architecture? Well, it's a big question in architecture school...probably not so much outside of the architectural world. But animal and insect architecture came up and got me thinking about these fascinating little structures...]

What does your nest look like?

Mine is filled at the moment with pillows, and half-made cards, and books, and scribbled-on lecture notes, a broken over door, a chin-up bar I can barely hang from, my (five-toed!) running shoes, and the sound of early-fall-Gilmore-Girls on the dvd player. And did I mentioned the books?? [I am not a minimalist, in case you did not pick up on that…]

This nest of a rare bee is made of flower petals and holds a single egg.

Take a look at this little bees' nests. Or incubators, I guess. Wombs. Aren’t our nests wombs of sorts though, housing us as we grow?

Multiple flower-lined nests of the O. avoseta bee are nestled in the ground.

(Image, fascinating article – from NPR: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126556246)


  1. THat's a bee's nest? It's pretty incredible, and beautiful too.

  2. I keep revisiting these images...they are so beautiful and fascinating...that the color stays so saturated is wild.