ducks in a row

i love my engineers. i have some great guys that i work with on our buildings. but every time duct layouts and ductwork coordination (in existing buidlings...ech what a headache) come up, i have to say my blonde side...or let's say my imaginative side...comes out.

engineer asks: "do you want the ducts above the ceiling and below the bottom chord of the truss, or do you want everything above the structure?"
krystyna pictures: a family of ducks waddling around and quacking about above the ceiling tiles, peeking up through the smoke barrier into the attic space.

or: while coordinating cds, krystyna sees a conflict. there's a new duct running through existing concrete tees just fine, until bam! it hits the new beam holding up the old stair from which we removed the bearing wall.  oh no! feathers fly everywhere. wings and webbed feet scramble. krystyna saves the day by dropping the ceiling height to a tight, but still-legal 7'-8". whew! the ducks can squeak through.

this is all in my head. i've not shared my duck-dreams with my co-workers...wonder what goes on in their heads?

how do you keep yourself entertained during the day??

(apparently i am on a duck theme this week, i just realized...)

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