Every Day Architecture and Imaginary Architecture

I am fully on my way towards being a registered architect. I have 90% of my hours completed and as soon as I can afford those study materials I am investing, cramming, and diving into those crazy exams. (It feels good to be getting close.)

I work on parking plans, calculate percentages of pervious surfaces, research building and zoning codes, calculate exiting capacities, determine required fire ratings, work out building programs, get caught up in the difference between the frame sizes in curtainwall versus storefront systems, respond to building permit comments, review shop drawings and answer RFIs.

The amount of time I spend actually drawing buildings takes up a surprisingly small percentage of my work day. So when I come home I like to draw imaginary buildings, or colorful houses, or fanciful gardens. It feels a little bit silly, and a little bit childish, but…then again…not really. It feels light and makes me feel a little bit fanciful myself.

I get a little break from the desk-ridden drudgery tomorrow. Early morning jobsite visit – I love buildings in the demo phase. It’s fun to see everything come apart before it comes together into a (sometimes fanciful, sometimes not so, but always very) real building.

(Cotton Candy Key West Houses)


  1. Like your commentary. 10%more. Go, go, go, goal!

  2. Wow, I didn't know you were so close, that's awesome! Also, I love those houses. :)