All organic salad:
-strawberries*, tomatoes, and pickling cucumbers** from Parksdale Farms
-lettuce from Worden Farms***
* the size of plums and deep yummy red all the way through
** a) I did not know you could eat these un-pickled, and when I asked "You can eat those raw?" Mister Gary picked one up, took a bite and said "Yea...like this" and b) amazing crispy flavor!
*** still crispy after two weeks forgotten in my fridge...impressive
Add shredded sauteed zuccs from Parksdale Farms to my pasta (pasta not organic...BOGO from Publix).

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  1. That looks delicious!

    When Mr. Gary used to have lettuce and greens available, I'd always get a ton (because they were *so* good) and then worry about using them all up before they went bad...and they'd last forever in the fridge! Kind of makes ya wonder just how old the "fresh" stuff in the grocery store is, since it goes bad so fast.