The Back Yard

This weekend my brother, my sister, her husband, and my niece all journeyed down to my parents’ house for my Mom’s birthday. (It’s nice that we’re all within driving distance.) We celebrate with food – we had grilled shrimp (three types of marinades), burgers with onions and mushrooms, grilled zucchini, oven fries, and my sister made carrot cake with amazing cream cheese icing. Decadent! Happy birthday Mom! But before dinner…before I was too stuffed to wander… I was walking through my parents’ yard and taking pictures of all of the pretty things…the decadent everyday. The visually decadent – tiny orchids, tangelos, thyme, flowering aloe, and a particularly jungly and overgrown pot. Mmmm....lovely!


  1. Katrina says the orchid flowers were yummy. :)


  2. Oh wow, considering everything is covered in snow here, I am enjoying your pictures...I have never actually seen an orange growing on a tree....only in the isles of Safeway :)

  3. How funny - we come from such different worlds! You've never seen an orange on a tree and I've never seen snow. I'll keep posting Floridian pictures and send warm wishes your way with them!!

  4. You have a great blog. Beautiful photographs.
    Really nice job!