Do you believe mermaids exist?

I did for a long time...long story...anyway:
One of my childhood wishes will come true this weekend - I am off to see the mermaids! My sister and I, realizing that we both always wanted to go to Weeki Watchee Springs, and also fearful that this key piece of Floridiana may someday go the way of Cypress Gardens, have decided to take my niece and go see the sights!
I can't wait!
*Image from weekiwatchee.com


  1. I love mermaids, always have. I love the book the Mermaid Chair and the Republic of Love by Carol Shields (mermaids feature in it :)

  2. It was such a great day at the park!! (getting photos ready to post) I've read and liked the Mermaid Chair, but I'll have to check out Republic of Love - thanks!