My delectable weekend continued:

Grapefruit sorbet served up in a compost-able bowl/orange peel
Proscuitto di Parma and drunken goat cheese. I paid a visit to my one of my favorite places, Casa Italia, where my family used to stock up on delicious cold cuts, salads, cheeses, and cured meats for the holidays. As a I walked in the salesclerk chuckled, and I figured he was just feeling jovial. But upon checking out, I mentioned that I remembered coming in as a kid, and he said "Yes, I remember you," which explained his knowing laugh. It was nice to see a friendly face from the past.
(*I know my father is cringing at me playing with my food, and then photographing it and posting it for all the world to see but...) it was cut so beautifully thin. Translucent indulgence.
And some gnocchi with parmesan and basil, to finish the evening.


  1. I am now starving! I play with my food too ;)
    Have to say, I've never heard of "drunken" goat cheese.

  2. I am insanely jealous, and I'm afraid I really must insist that the next time I visit you we go to Casa Italia. :) Also, that's cool that the clerk remembered you, but I thought it was all new people now--I guess that's not the case?

  3. @Pinecone Camp - I think it's aged in wine somehow, so it has the yummy wine flavor underneath the goat-cheese taste...

    @Helena - He's still there, I was pleased to see, and Giuseppe comes in every Saturday when they are in Florida. They are off to Italy this summer! The store is exactly the same except for one little corner with some Indian spices (which are intriguing).