Spring Yellow

I seem to have developed a small obsession with photographing my vegetables, but they are just so pretty. I love market day.
Today I came home with these yummy vegetables (including one gigantic three pound romanesco!) and had a "Yellow Salad" for lunch: local organic lettuce and yellow tomatoes (less acidic than the red, I hear, and so delicious), and hard boiled eggs. I dressed it with an improvised pureed carrot, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, ground ginger, with a touch of honey concoction.
(And there I am, reflected in my salad bowl in my springy sundress, I see...)

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  1. I made a big salad with dinner tonight. Lemon dressing (inspired by convo with you earlier), mix of romaine lettuce from store and butterhead from our yard (the first of the season and SO good!), and cuke, tomatos, and lightly blanched green beans from Mr. Gary's farm. Yum.