Somewhere between Friday and this afternoon I think we crossed the threshold from Spring to Early Summer. Spring is a short-lived season here and it's over before much of the rest of the continent has found relief from winter (it's still snowing up north??).
The bugs' chirping is suddenly of that summer cadence. My ceiling fans are on. The sunlight seems yellower. And my wardrobe is anchored by tank tops and flip flops. (Well the flip flops are a year-round thing...)
But the evenings at the beach are still tipped with an edge of cool.
How's your weather?


  1. Hot, and hopefully rainy soon. I transplanted many tomatos today and they would like water from the sky rather than the hose. :)

  2. Did you get the storm last night? I've been awake since three AM, but at least it was peaceful listening to the rain...